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What is title insurance? You’ve likely heard the term before, but many homeowners aren’t sure of its purpose or why it is needed. In short, title insurance is a policy that protects against loss if there is a claim against your ownership.


If you’re about to purchase a home in Tennessee, what you’re actually purchasing is the title to the property. With the title, you have the right to live in and use this property. Occasionally, someone may contest the title and claim that they have the right to your property based on past rights or claims asserted by others. When the title to your property is contested, you can lose money or even your home.


Title defects that can result in a claim in Tennessee include:


  • Forged legal documents, including deeds, releases, or wills

  • Failure of spouses to join in conveyances

  • Missing or undisclosed heirs

  • Deeds from people unable to enter into contracts (minors, illegal aliens, persons of unsound mind)

  • Errors in public records

  • Liens on the property

  • Mistakes in legal documents

  • Deeds from defunct companies or corporations

  • Unprobated wills


With title insurance, your court costs and related fees will be paid if a claim is made against your property in Tennessee. Your title insurance company will cover the costs of your legal defense and, if the claim is valid, you will be reimbursed for your loss up to the face amount of the policy.


Like so many other types of insurance, you may not feel that you need title insurance and wonder why it is required by your lender, but you never know what the future holds—and if a claim does come up, you’ll be glad to have that protection. 


Most homebuyers and sellers simply use the title insurance company recommended by their real estate agent or lender, but it’s important to do your due diligence and shop around, as the title insurance company you choose to work with can impact your residential real estate closing experience.

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