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Unlike car insurance or health insurance, title insurance isn’t something most people think about very much. Just like any other type of insurance, though, you might not need your title insurance, but if you do, you’ll be glad you have it. Title insurance protects property owners from financial losses if another party makes a claim against their ownership.


Whenever you purchase a home or property in Missouri, what you’re actually purchasing is the title to it. A title grants you the right to reside in the property and use it however you see fit, as long as that use is legal. Occasionally, someone will contest your title and claim that they are the rightful owners of the property, either based on claims asserted by others or past rights. This is called a contested title.


Contested titles are often resolved quickly and easily, but not always. In some cases, they lead to costly, time-consuming court battles and even the loss of a home. Title defects that have the potential to result in a claim in Missouri include:


  • Inaccurate legal documentation

  • Inaccurate public records

  • Missing or undisclosed heirs

  • Unprobated wills

  • Failure of spouses to join in conveyances

  • Property liens

  • Deeds from defunct companies or corporations

  • Deeds, wills, releases, or other documents that have been forged

  • Deeds from parties unable to legally enter into contracts (minors, persons of unsound mind, and illegal aliens)


With Missouri title insurance, your court costs and related fees are covered in the event that a claim is made against your ownership. Should the other party’s claim prove valid, your title insurance provider will reimburse you for your losses, up to the face value of your title insurance policy. Lenders require borrowers to have title insurance because the losses in such cases can be financially devastating.


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