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Most Georgia homeowners know that they need title insurance when purchasing a home, but they may not know exactly what title insurance is and why it’s required by lenders. The short answer is that title insurance is a type of insurance that protects you from financial loss if someone else makes a claim to your property.

When you buy a house in Georgia, you're buying the title to the property. The title grants you permission to live on and utilize the building and land. In rare cases, someone may contest the title and allege that they are the legal owners based on prior rights or claims made by others. A contested title is inconvenient at best, but it can cost you money or perhaps even your home in a worst-case scenario.

Title defects that can result in a claim in Georgia include:

  • Property liens

  • Failure of spouses to join in conveyances

  • Deeds, releases, wills, or other legal documents that were forged

  • Errors in public records

  • Undisclosed or missing heirs

  • Unprobated wills

  • Deeds from people unable to enter into contracts (minors, illegal aliens, persons of unsound mind)

  • Deeds from defunct corporations or companies

  • Errors in legal documents

The benefit of purchasing title insurance is that if a claim is filed against your property in Georgia, your court costs and all associated fees will be paid by the insurer, up to the policy limit. In addition, your title insurance company will provide you with legal representation in court. If the claim is valid, your title insurance will compensate you for your property loss up to the policy's face value.

While many people wonder if title insurance is needed since the chances of a claim are so slim, you never know what the future holds. It's crucial to have protection in case a claim arises, which is why lenders require title insurance.


It's common for homebuyers to choose the Georgia title insurance company recommended by their lender or real estate agent, but the title insurance provider you select can have a significant impact on your closing experience, so it’s important to do your research and make a careful decision. Our boutique title company tailors your closing to your unique needs, providing title insurance with a personal touch.

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