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American Guardian Title is a full service real estate title and closing firm that offers residential closing services in multiple states. We have over 20 years of experience and have developed a reputation by our clients for service above and beyond our scope of work.

Buying and selling a home is the most important and complicated financial decision that many people make in their lifetime. In any residential real estate deal, both buyers and sellers must review many complex papers, including legally binding documents that require signature. Many homeowners do not understand the contract that they sign with their realtors, the real estate contract, promissory note, security deed, good faith estimate, HUD Settlement Statement, title insurance policy and other related documents to the transaction. As a result, homeowners are unable to adequately protect themselves in the home buying or borrowing process and over spend thousands of dollars in financing without even knowing it.

Title insurance provides protection for your residence, protecting it against attempts to make legal claims against your property. You may never need to file a claim, but if you do, title insurance will help protect your investment while saving you from potential legal expenses to defend your claim.