E-Notarization Services

American Guardian Title provides e-notarization services in Florida, Virginia, Maryland, Tennessee, and Georgia. To learn more, contact us today. 

What Is E-Notarization?

E-Notarization or an E-Closing is a real estate closing event or process in which the buyer, seller, borrower, notary or others use an electronic signature (eSignature) to sign some or all of the closing documents. Proper identification is still required and steps are taken to ensure that everyone involved in the transaction is who they say they are. But it prevents the need to travel long distances or even short distances just to sign papers at a closing. 

Benefits of E-Notarization

We offer E-Notarization because of the following benefits it provides:

  • Efficiency. Closings are expedited when E-Notarization is available. Documents don’t need to be mailed, faxed, scanned, or printed every time. Parties involved in the transaction can reduce travel time and expenses. E-Closings are more likely to occur on schedule. 

  • Convenience. E-Notarization makes closings more convenient. No more scheduling difficulties trying to find time for everyone involved in the transaction to meet in person. Individuals can sign documents on their own time. Lenders can offer a more convenient closing experience to their borrowers.

  • Reduced risk. E-Closings reduce the risk of operational errors as a result of missing signatures. Lenders assume less risk as well when loan documents can be properly verified and signed. 

  • Fewer missed opportunities. Buyers avoid losing out on property they wish to purchase and sellers have a better chance of selling property when E-Notarization makes it easier to submit offers and sign contracts quickly. 

  • Minimize paper consumption. E-Notarization can reduce the amount of paper and ink used to print documents. Keeping paper records is not only a space issue, but a security issue. Digital documents can be stored on secure servers. 

Why Choose American Guardian Title?

American Guardian Title is your trusted advisor on real estate transactions. The expertise of our agents makes us leaders in the field. We strive to improve the client experience in every way possible, making closings more efficient and convenient and minimizing risk for buyers, sellers, and lenders. Our services extend far beyond title insurance. We provide investor services, tax advice, residential and commercial closings, legal services, and much more. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do all states allow E-Notarization?

Almost all of the 50 states have fully legalized E-Notarization. The states we serve do allow it, so we take advantage of the ability to do so whenever possible. 

How is identity established for E-Notarization?

Identity can be confirmed in a variety of ways in order to make an E-Notarization authentic and legal. Remote ID presentation, credential analysis, and knowledge based authentication are some of the means of establishing identity. 

What does RON stand for?

The acronym RON stands for Remote Online Notarization. It refers to the process of establishing identity remotely through an online platform of some kind in order to authenticate a signature for a legal document. 


Is E-Notarization secure?

Our E-Notarization software is completely secure to protect your personal information. We send, receive, and store documents securely for your peace of mind as well as ours. 


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