E-Notarization Services

What Is E-Notarization?

American Guardian Title is set and ready to handle your closing via E-Notarization.  eClosing or eNotarization is a real estate closing event or process in which the buyer, seller, borrower, notary or others use an electronic signature (eSignature) to sign some or all of the closing documents.

Benefits of E-Notarization?

eClosings and eNotarization can enhance the closing experience for all the parties involved while improving efficiency.

Consumers can benefit from the increased convenience which allows more time to review documents before signing.

eSigning also helps accelerate the final closing with shorter signing appointments.

Settlement agents can benefit from shorter signing appointments and increased efficiency with some documents being signed in advance of the signing appointment. eSigning can also improve quality control by ensuring that there are no missed signatures.

Lenders can benefit from reduced risk and operational errors as a result of missing signatures. eSigning also allows lenders to offer a more convenient closing experience for their borrowers.